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Love to hear YOUR ambient music compositions on SLEEP RADIO? We're keen on hearing from budding ambient and new age artists who believe that their music is the exact type and style that we play. Please note that as we're a non-profit organisation, we don't remunerate those who submit music to us. You do however, benefit by click-throughs to your sales websites if mp3  tracks are embedded with sales urls. Mp3s need to have the correct ID3 tags in them for song, artist, album name, artwork and sales urls. Otherwise they end up with default or incorrect display information on our website and our app. If you're unsure how to do this, Mp3tag is a free tool that can do this for you. Mp3 Checker is another free tool you can use to ensure all the properties in your tracks are OK for airplay. Mp3 download links can be sent to us via email . We prefer tracks sent to us to be in 128k mp3 format.  Lastly, we get sent 4-5 albums a day for airplay audition so please don't be offended if we don't get back to you straight away.

Please note: If tracks submitted contain any of the following, they won't be selected for airplay:

  • Non-ambient or non-new age

  • Vocals

  • Background vocals

  • Recognisable beat

  • Guitar solo

  • Rain or thunder

  • Harp solo

  • Ocean sounds or similar

  • Whalesong or similar

  • Birdsong or similar

  • White noise or similar






Got a question? Please check out our FAQs page first before contacting us.
(General queries only.) For music submissions, please email us a download link or use the music uploader at the bottom of this page.

Note also that our old, free Android and Apple app is no longer supported and may no longer work. We advertised this fact in early 2020 on this website, our audio introduction and social media platforms. We do however, have a brand new premium Android app. Click here to purchase and download.
To lodge a complaint about our opening announcement and appeals for donations, click here.

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